Saturday, April 2, 2016

Protoplanets and Protostars

Protoplanets and Protostars are early bodies of a solar system. In a solar system, a stable and one that is not changing, is when the star and the planets become stars and planets. Protostars look something like a bigger Jupiter but with the surface glowing because of fusion reactions. Protoplanets are something like the size of the moon or smaller and there are many of them. They smash into each and form bigger planets or chunks that orbit the planet and the most dominate planet in its orbit will either collide with other protoplanets or kick them out of their orbits. This is how the planets come to be with their own unique orbit is with collisions or throwing other protoplanets out of their orbits. However, other objects can form from collisions known as satellites like the moon. This is how astronomers think the moon came into existence is by having a protoplanet the size of Mars hit Earth and then the pieces that flew off the two objects were caught into Earth's gravity and then with their own gravity formed into a satellite around Earth.

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