Sunday, March 20, 2016

What are galaxies?

What Are Galaxies?

     Galaxies are a cluster of stars that usually orbit a super black hole. Galaxies vary in sizes, some are very tiny, as small as 15 light years across, or a spiral galaxy like the milky way and Andromeda galaxy which are thousands to millions light years across. Galaxies follow an organization that is a disc, unless it is an irregular type of galaxy. There are elliptical galaxies, which is a cluster of stars that are organized by gravity to make a galaxy that looks like a disc without any unique structures. Spiral galaxies are galaxies that have multiple tails at their edges that start from the center of the galaxy. The milky way galaxy that we live in is a spiral galaxy. There are some galaxies are there that do not orbit a black hole and are out floating and they're said to be a part of a galaxy that collided with another galaxy and had been thrown out of their orbit. These are called irregular galaxies because of their their is not symmetrical.

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